Care Guide


Thank you for purchasing your footwear from Truworths. Here are some tips to ensure that your shoes last longer and retain their appearance and remain comfortable to wear.

Protect new shoes:
Pre-treat your new shoes before wearing them with an appropriate protector (e.g. Leather, Suede and Fabric Protectors). This will waterproof and stain proof the shoes and ultimately prolong their life.

Give your shoes a rest:
Do not wear the same shoes two days in a row as shoes can take a whole day to dry out. Perspiration is a major reason for material failure.

Dry your wet shoes carefully:
Never put wet shoes in front of a fire or radiator as heat causes premature damage to uppers and soles. Rather let them dry naturally at room temperature and stuff them with clean paper to maintain their shape and fit.

Right way to clean shoes:

Leather Footwear
- Leather is a natural material and needs regular care.
- If soiled, allow the mud to dry first before cleaning.
- Remove the mud with a blunt instrument and dab off the remaining dirt with a clean damp cloth.
- Apply a quality shoe cream or wax polish to clean the leather uppers.
- Buff with a clean dry cloth or soft bristle brush.

Nubuck and suede shoes
- Frequent use of stain/water protector will maintain the appearance.
- Do not use a wire brush as this damages the surface.
- Clean with either a stiff nylon or hard rubber brush.
- To remove stains, rub carefully using either soapy water or a suede shampoo.
- Expect a slight colour change.

Fabric shoes
- Avoid wearing in wet and muddy conditions.
- Take extra care with delicate materials and trimmings.
- To clean use only specialised cleaning products or soapy water.
- Test the cleaning product on a small area of the shoe first.

Beaded shoes
- Hand sewn beadwork needs extra care and attention when wearing.
- Remember to avoid brushing the sides of the shoes against surfaces.
- Avoid catching the inner sides of the shoes against each other when walking.

- Heel tips are a replaceable part of the shoe.
- They will wear down and occasionally they can come off.
- These should be replaced by a good shoe repairer, before they wear down to the heel.
- Thinner heels need a little more care whilst wearing.
- Cracks in pavements and wearing whilst driving can weaken and damage these heels.


Non-defective returns
Truworths will happily exchange non-faulty shoes if returned within one month of purchase, provided they are unworn, unmarked and the proof of purchase can be provided.

Defective returns
Truworths will exchange shoes with quality related issues provided that they are returned within three months of purchase. We regret that we will not be able to refund or exchange shoes where there has been improper care or excessive wear.