Estee Lauder

Infinite Sky EDP

Style: 3063326
Rise up into a vast, brilliant sunset sky, turning the world below to amber and gold. Filling your senses with waves of pure happiness and your spirit with hope. When you return to earth you know that you can do anything now. The power is yours.

This fragrance has a confident, sensual feeling.

The Fragrance Family:
Infinite Sky is an addictive Amber Spicy fragrance. A brilliant addition to our Rich Spices & Leather fragrance family.

The Scent Story:
A halo of golden sensuality radiates from the scent of Sichuan Pepper from China. It is surrounded by the smoky sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla and smoldering Leatherwood. As brilliant as a sky at sunset.

An Evolution In Scent Science: Intuitive, Elegant, Infused With Emotion.

An Experience That Stays With You: Thanks to our ScentCapture Fragrance Extender™ technology, the scent is shown in a clinical test to last up to 12 hours after every application.* Nature and perfumery collide to create an astonishing innovation from Estée Lauder—a true first in luxury fragrance technology, and exclusively ours.
A Fragrance That Arouses The Emotions: Innovative testing shows that experiencing Infinite Sky evokes confident, sensual feelings in those who are drawn to the scent

The Symbolism:
Unlocking another layer of wonder, the design features a stylized Sichuan pepper, symbolizing a harmonious balance of yin and yang.

*Test panel of 15 fragrance experts

-Estee Lauder
-Eau de Parfum

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