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Local and international institutional and private investors as well as fund managers and analysts

More about our stakeholders

5 113 shareholders

62% of shares held outside South Africa

Refer to the Shareholder Information section of the Group Audited Annual Financial Statements 2017 for further information

Engagement issues in 2017

  • Tough trading in current economic climate
  • Impact of affordability assessment regulations on account sales and revenue growth
  • Product pricing strategy and margin impact in environment of high product inflation
  • Progress and synergies with integration of Office in the UK
  • Capital management
  • CEO succession
  • Trading outlook and earnings growth prospects

Addressing engagement issues in 2017

  • Five trading updates provided to investors
  • Key investor concerns extensively covered in results announcements and presentations
  • Participation in broker-hosted conferences to reach wider range of investors
  • Ongoing engagement with investment analysts on request