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Customers in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Republic of Ireland, and both national and international online customers



All full-time and part-time employees

More about our stakeholders

Targeting youthful UK and European customers

More about our stakeholders

954 full-time and 2 077 part-time employees

61% of employees are female

Engagement issues in 2017

  • Offer in-demand leading-fashion footwear
  • Continue to offer merchandise of high quality
  • Remain competitive
  • Offer a wide range of merchandise
  • Offer a world-class store experience
  • Offer quick e-commerce delivery

Engagement issues in 2017

  • Want to feel rewarded
  • Opportunities for advancement and career progression
  • Want to feel engaged with Office’s performance

Addressing engagement issues in 2017

  • Focused on well-established merchandise strategy to provide leading-fashion footwear to the youthful UK and European customer
  • Provide a curated range of latest trend and ‘in-demand’ footwear of high quality and at competitive prices
  • Provision through online portal for both ‘click & collect’ and next day delivery
  • Collaborated on the launch of many branded products to appeal to our target customers
  • In-store customer interaction
  • Electronic and social media communication, including targeted e-mail communication, SMS, fashion blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Addressing engagement issues in 2017

  • Employee engagement survey conducted across both stores and head office
  • Introduced regular communication
  • Informer, Commercial and Opportunist weekly newsletters regarding performance, operations and vacancies



International suppliers of branded and own-label merchandise



Government departments, regulatory bodies and local authorities in all countries of operation

More about our stakeholders

A large portfolio of key branded suppliers, including Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans, Ugg, Timberland, Birkenstock, Reebok, Puma, Toms and Ted Baker

More about our stakeholders

Most significant regulatory body is the UK tax authority, HMRC

Engagement issues in 2017

  • Maximise sales opportunities
  • Maximise brand exposure
  • Obtain feedback on product performance and fashion trends
  • Annual audits of own-branded supplier manufacturing facilities
  • Office code of conduct incorporated in own-branded supplier manual

Engagement issues in 2017

  • Ongoing compliance
  • Filings made by due date

Addressing engagement issues in 2017

  • Sales of branded product increased 3.6% to £226 million
  • Customer polling started in June 2016

Addressing engagement issues in 2017

  • Remained abreast of legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Submitted all material filings and payments by relevant due dates
  • Engagement with relevant tax authorities as and when required