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Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophies for our Truworths and Office segments drive our business model and ensure the Group remains aligned with its strategic direction. This has been core to the success of the business since being introduced almost two decades ago and is therefore integral to creating value for our stakeholders in the short, medium and long-term.

Our Business Philosophies comprise three synergistic elements – our Purpose, our Values and our Vision – which work together as one system.

We are 100

The Business Philosophy was developed for Truworths as a South African retailer. A key element of the Group’s acquisition strategy is identifying companies that are culturally aligned and compatible with our Purpose, Values and Vision. This was the case with the acquisitions in South Africa over the past decade of Uzzi, Naartjie and Earthchild, which have been successfully integrated into Truworths.

A separate Business Philosophy was developed during the period for Office in the UK to position the retailer as a global brand at the forefront of fashion footwear and highlights differentiating features. The Office Business Philosophy is based on the same three synergistic elements contained in the Truworths’ Business Philosophy, but these have been specifically redeveloped with Office’s stakeholders in mind.

Our Purpose

Youthful fashionable South Africans want to look attractive and to feel successful and confident.
Truworths entices them into exciting and visually appealing retail emporiums which are staffed by passionate and knowledgeable team members and which offer wide ranges of curated and tasteful fashion of superb quality and intrinsic value.
The ranges of unique aspirational fashionable brands are an innovative and adventurous blend of colour, fabric, fashion styling of world-class standard.
The youthful UK and European customer wants to be fashionable and well informed on international fashion footwear trends.
Originating in London, the fashion capital of the world, Office satisfies this need as the world authority on fashionable footwear by offering a broad curated range of the latest trend and ‘in demand’ footwear styles and brands for women, men and kids, staffed by fashion footwear experts to create an exciting world-class experience for customers.

Our values

We are stimulated by innovation and passion in an environment where learning and sharing with team members is encouraged, where new ideas are welcomed, and where contribution excellence is celebrated and rewarded.

Our vision

... for our shareholders ‘We are long-term investors in Truworths International because we trust in management’s capacity to execute innovative strategies which deliver significant value over time.’

... for our employees ‘I am totally committed because my team members and I are encouraged to contribute innovatively and are generously rewarded for excellence.‘

... for our Truworths customers

‘Truworths helps me look attractive and feel successful and confident. Shopping at Truworths is exciting because it offers wide ranges of curated and tasteful fashion of superb quality and intrinsic value in retail emporiums that are visually appealing and are staffed by passionate and knowledgeable staff.’

... for our Office customers

‘I love shopping at Office because I trust that they will help me look fashionable and be well informed on international fashion footwear trends. Office creates a world-class experience and is staffed by fashion footwear experts.’