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The quick response relationship with third party suppliers is core to Office’s supply chain strategy.

Several key branded footwear suppliers have developed strong relationships with the Office buyers, designers and senior management and have been integral to the quick response model that allows late styling changes to be made based on the latest sales and trend information.

With regard to own-brand footwear, key suppliers hold leathers and other components that can be adapted quickly, based on sales reactions. European factory suppliers source leathers and other materials from local suppliers to ensure lead times are minimal.

Frequent travel is undertaken to close-to-home sources including Spain, Italy and Portugal, as well as to longer lead time sources, to improve communication and relationships, and speed up product development.

Risk in the supply chain is minimised by spreading volume across a group of key suppliers. The collaborative partnerships with top suppliers, who consider their relationship with Office as integral to their own businesses, ensure that exceptional service levels are achieved.

All product is delivered to either the main warehouse in Kilmarnock, Scotland or Greenford, London prior to being distributed to stores or internet customers via third party distribution networks. Optimal stock levels are held between stores and the warehouse facilities to meet both store and online customer needs.