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Human Capital Report

Office human capital at a glance 2017 2016
Total employees 3 031 3 020
   Full-time employees 954 903
   Part-time employees 2 077 2 117
Skills development expenditure (£’000) 47 160
Skills development spend per employee trained (£) 303 178
Total employees trained 155 900

The reduction of skills development expenditure in 2017 was due to the roll-out of the new payroll system in 2016 requiring significant staff training. However the spend per employee trained showed a marked increase, reflecting the investment made in the employees trained.

An employee engagement survey was conducted across the business, applying the same methodology as is used by Truworths. Based on the outcome of the voluntary survey, several projects will be delivered which are aimed at enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction levels.

Service remained the key focus for the training department during the year and this contributed to the store customer satisfaction surveys reporting an average of 61 Net Promoter Score (a measure of how likely customers would recommend Office to a friend, acting as a proxy for customer satisfaction).

The introduction of the apprenticeship levy will provide Office with access to government-approved training and nationally recognised qualifications for selected employees. The levy will initially be invested in training junior management in stores and a partnership has been established with Lifetime Training to deliver the apprenticeship levy funded training.

Employee retention remains a risk for the business and rewards packages are being reviewed and benchmarked across the market to ensure Office continues to offer competitive remuneration and benefits. The legislated national living wage and national minimum wage will increase again in April 2018 and the business will need to respond appropriately to remain competitive in the retail marketplace.