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Market-leading Brand Portfolio

Office is a fashion-forward footwear specialist, providing customers who want to be fashionable and well informed on international fashion footwear trends, with a broad urated range of the latest trend and ‘in-demand’ footwear.

Offspring has been a leader in the UK sneaker market since its launch in 1996, filling a gap in the market for fashion sportswear and being positioned as a ‘sneaker boutique’. Offspring has since led the way in product collaboration with an extensive collection of special projects with brands such as Adidas, Converse, Nike and Vans continuing to show Offspring as a footwear leader in both the fashion sportswear and sneaker arenas.

In the period the Office brand accounted for 89% (2016: 93%) of sales while Offspring accounted for 11% (2016: 7%).

Third party brands (non-exclusive products) comprised 68% (2016: 67%) of sales across Office and Offspring, while own-brand (made to order) products accounted for 23% (2016: 23%) and exclusive third party products accounted for 9% (2016: 10%).