Group Brands

The Group offers a broad range of leading fashion merchandise across various lifestyles. Each brand has its own supporting brands, characteristics and distinctive signatures.

A track record of consistent market share gains in ladieswear and menswear is indicative of the strength of the Group's brands, and the success of our strategy to grow in-house concepts rather than to promote consigned brands.



Truworths ladieswear

Truworths ladieswear is a fashionable collection of leisurewear, formalwear, eveningwear, lingerie, shoes and accessories designed for the youthful, modern, fashion-conscious woman.

Truworths ladieswear brands

Outback Red, Truworths Casualwear, Ginger Mary, Finnigans, Truworths Collection, Essence, Truworths Glamour, TRS by Truworths, Zeta, Intrigue, Skiny, Peep, Lucia Rosati, Emily Moon and Truworths Maternity.

Review of 2011

Truworths ladieswear focuses on developing, growing and promoting home-grown, exclusive brands, rather than selling brands generally available in the marketplace. Truworths ladieswear offers a range of highly appealing and internationally inspired fashion merchandise. Sales increased by 13% to R3.1 billion and contributed 38% to Group retail sales. Sales have grown by an annual compound growth rate of 13% over the past five years. This can be attributed to careful planning and range co-ordination to ensure that customers are offered a balanced assortment of appealing and desirable merchandise. Inventory was tightly managed throughout the period and markdowns were well contained, resulting in improved margins and profitability across all brands. During the period 9 stores were opened and 2 stores closed, bringing the Truworths store base to 270.

Plans for 2012

Truworths ladieswear will look to entrench its share of the women’s fashion market by focusing on the careful interpretation of international fashion trends for the South African consumer and the co-ordination and planning of its ranges to meet the specific needs of customers. Well-defined planning processes together with the ‘wide not deep’ buying philosophy will ensure that ranges are closely aligned with customers’ needs, offering them a range of merchandise that is fashion forward yet well balanced with a core range of fashion essentials. A further eight (net) stores are planned to open.


truworths menswear

Truworths menswear caters for the entire wardrobe requirements of modern, fashion-conscious, youthful men by offering a range of exclusive brands that encompass formalwear, leisurewear and a selection of shoes, underwear and accessories.

Truworths menswear brands

Truworths Man, Uzzi, Hemisphere, Hemisphere Sport, Studio, Trench, Moskow and Exstream.

Review of 2011

Truworths menswear anticipated the emerging trend of increased fashion awareness in its male customer base and positioned itself to take advantage of the growing requirements of this discerning market segment. Sales increased by 15% to R1.6 billion and contributed 20% to Group retail sales, largely attributable to focused and well-balanced product ranges across all lifestyles of menswear. The sustained success of Truworths menswear is reflected in the annual compound growth rate of 17% over the past five years. Truworths menswear is predominantly located in Truworths emporium stores as a core anchor collection alongside Truworths ladieswear. Following the opening of 10 (net) Truworths Man and 18 Uzzi departments and 3 Uzzi stand-alone stores, Truworths menswear now has 240 departments within emporium stores and 29 stand-alone stores. Uzzi now has 56 departments within emporium stores and 56 stand-alone stores.

Plans for 2012

A major focus for Truworths menswear will be to continue to develop long-term relationships with selected suppliers to speed up replenishment times. The sustained strategy of continuing to focus on fashionability while ensuring a balanced range will remain a key focus. A further 8 (net) Truworths Man and 7 (net) Uzzi departments within emporium stores as well as 3 (net) Truworths Man stand-alone stores are planned to open.


daniel hechter

Daniel Hechter is a French designer brand of high-quality, modern yet timeless designs for men and women and is operated under an exclusive long-term licence to Truworths. The Daniel Hechter collection offers a refined feeling of style combined with a French touch and the sophistication of classic European styling, superior tailoring and luxurious fabrics.

Review of 2011

Daniel Hechter has become known for offering timeless merchandise, with the brand being synonymous with high-quality fabric, perfect styling and elegant craftsmanship. Sales increased by 12% to R972 million and contributed 12% to Group retail sales, reflecting an annual compound growth rate of 18% over the past five years. This growth confirms that Daniel Hechter has established itself as an upmarket, highly desired niche brand. Following the opening of 12 (net) departments, Daniel Hechter now has 270 departments within Truworths emporium stores and 3 stand-alone stores.

Plans for 2012

The continued growth of Daniel Hechter’s target market of aspirational consumers, together with the brand’s focus on fulfilling the promise of exceptional quality and timeless classic styling, has established a firm foundation for the period ahead. The ranges will be broadened and an additional eight (net) Daniel Hechter ladieswear and menswear departments are planned to be added to emporium stores during the period.


Inwear is a cutting-edge range of casual, formal and glamour outerwear and shoes that demands to be noticed. Inwear focuses on the very latest fashion trends, offering an innovative and sexy range of merchandise. The Inwear slogan – ‘Own the attitude’ – guides the brand to be youthful, fun, fashionable and trendy at all times.

Review of 2011

Sales increased by 9% to R386 million and contributed 5% to Group retail sales. Inwear’s ability to provide forward-looking fashion to meet emerging trends contributed to an annual compound growth rate of 10% in sales over the past five years. Inwear departments are located within Truworths emporium stores and following the opening of 9 (net) Inwear departments, the brand now has 251 departments within emporium stores.

Plans for 2012

The aim is to grow market share and to continue to focus on hot international trends for its youthful customers. Sales are expected to benefit from the opening of six new departments within emporium stores.


LTD is an eclectic collection of easy yet sophisticated leisure-time dressing for women, men, teenagers, children and toddlers. LTD is a versatile leisure-inspired range that has an urban feel with sophisticated undertones. In keeping with this philosophy, LTD captures key international and local trends but always adds a twist. Extra emphasis is placed on fabric, design and detail. Innovative and unique styling sets LTD apart.

Review of 2011

LTD’s ability to predict trends as well as the needs of its market segment resulted in improvements to the sales mix and a 26% increase in sales to R312 million, contributing 4% to Group retail sales. The demand for childrenswear has made LTD a recognised destination for childrens’ and toddlers’ clothing. LTD has grown by an annual compound rate of 21% over the past five years. LTD is predominantly located in the Truworths emporium stores and also has two stand-alone stores. Following the opening of 17 departments in the current period, LTD now has 85 departments within emporium stores.

Plans for 2012

LTD will remain focused on opportunities within the growing childrenswear market, while expanding the ladieswear and menswear product ranges. Three new LTD departments will be opened in emporium stores.

truworths elements

Truworths Elements offers a range of premium international skincare, colour cosmetics and fragrance brands for him and her. Truworths Elements is a fresh and uncluttered beauty destination, focusing on highly sought-after prestigious brands for the fashion-conscious customer where they can enjoy the expertise of trained specialist cosmetic consultants. Brands include MAC, Estée Lauder, Clarins, Revlon, Kangol, Elizabeth Arden, Aramis and Hugo Boss, as well as niche fashion and salon brands.

Review of 2011

Sales grew by 5% to R403 million and contributed 5% to Group retail sales. Truworths Elements has grown by an annual compound rate of 7% over the past five years. Inventory is delivered directly to stores by the cosmetics houses, which also have responsibility for managing inventory levels. Elements is located in Truworths emporium stores and after the opening of 3 departments in the current period, Truworths Elements now has full-range departments in 63 of the larger emporium stores, as well as counters in a further 11 stores.

Plans for 2012

Truworths Elements will be included in two emporium stores. Growth will be driven by a strong focus on stock availability, optimisation of trading space and maximising new product launches.

truworths jewellery

Truworths Jewellery offers a selection of fashion jewellery, branded watches, quality fine jewellery and sunglasses. The merchandise appeals to youthful men and women across a broad lifestyle spectrum, who view jewellery and accessories as an integral part of fashion. The range includes high-quality gold and silver jewellery, pewter and trendy fashion jewellery, as well as leading international watch and sunglass brands.

Review of 2011

Sales increased by 8% to R82 million over the prior period and have grown by an annual compound growth rate of 8% over the past five years. Truworths Jewellery is located in Truworths emporium stores and after the opening of 6 (net) departments during the current period, Truworths Jewellery now trades in 126 emporium stores.

Plans for 2012

Truworths Jewellery plans to continue sourcing new product categories that are aligned with the current selection, as well as remaining focused on expanding and optimising existing ranges of jewellery, watches and sunglasses. Two new departments are planned to open within emporium stores.

truworths living

Truworths Living provides a niche collection of unique homeware designs to add style to the home. The brand offers exciting home décor accessories and gifting items, including scatter cushions, throws and glassware. Luxurious fabrics, colours and textures are combined to create opulent and decorative products synonymous with the brand signature of the Truworths Living range.

Review of 2011

Sales for the period were R14 million, reflecting an annual compound growth rate of 7% over the past five years. The Living product offering has been broadened by expanding current ranges and improving continuity in key product categories. Living is located in Truworths emporium stores and has 64 departments within stores.

Plans for 2012

Truworths Living will continue to broaden its product offering by testing and introducing new products in its varied ranges.


Identity is a separate chain from Truworths and offers young, funky and affordable forward fashion for men and women and is the brand for those who want to be wearing up-to-date fashion. Identity caters for the trendy and price-aware youth market.

Identity is not incorporated in Truworths emporium stores and operates stand-alone stores only.

Review of 2011

During the period, Identity strengthened its position in this young fashion-conscious segment by focusing on its speed to market in offering the latest global hot fashion items and looks that its customers demand. Sales increased by 17% to R1.1 billion and contributed 14% to Group retail sales. Credit sales accounted for 47% (2010: 40%) of total sales. Sales have grown by an annual compound rate of 25% over the past five years, mainly driven by the expansion in the store base over this period. Comparable store sales grew by 9% and at period-end Identity had 164 stores following the opening of 11 (net) stores.

Plans for 2012

Identity will capitalise on the niche it has created in the market, focusing even more on offering the most up-to-date forward fashion at fantastic value. As the contribution of credit sales to total sales is low (47%) relative to the rest of the Group (71%), opportunities exist to further expand the customer base through the credit offering. Identity plans to open 12 stores and continues to build on the success of new ranges launched in prior periods.


The Young Designers Emporium (YDE) was established to showcase South Africa’s young, cutting-edge fashion talent. As an agent, YDE markets the clothing and lifestyle products of emerging designers and suppliers. The unique trading formula of YDE provides an exciting platform for young designers to present their own labelled ranges in a branded space for which they pay a display fee and commission on their sales. The emporiums are aimed at fashion forward customers aged 16 to 35 and offer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.

YDE is not incorporated in Truworths emporium stores and operates stand-alone stores only.

Review of 2011

Agency sales increased by 5% to R250 million. YDE houses 81 local fashion designers, with 40 ladies’ clothing designers, 13 men’s clothing designers and 28 designers offering footwear, bags and accessories. Three stores were renovated in the brand’s new store design concept.

Plans for 2012

Sales growth will be driven by the uptake of credit. A new store will be opened in Sandton City and one store will be closed, with a further two stores being refurbished.

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